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Nov. 1st, 2011



Blog posts translations

I'm back for some translations~ Did anyone miss me? lol!

All are AMEMBA lock translations~ But I'm letting this post to be public since I think he deserves more public attention, with his sincere words =3

Not using LJ-cut since the new LJ-cut is a bitch

Mon, August 08, 2011 03:18:19
Title: Regarding your question。

Hmmm,it's kinda hard to answer.

But musicians are also ordinary people, they too have their own life and being an artist doesn't mean you're always having the best time of you life, there are times you'll meet hardships and pressure.

But if she really likes him, then I think respecting his decision is also another way of showing her affections to him?

I think likewise.

T/N: I supposed Lin is answering a fan question.

Wed, October 19, 2011 16:00:37
Title: Hello


Please don't mistaken me. I still love my country.

It's just that I myself don't like the situation I'm in right now, but it does not mean I can go back to the life I was.

My mind's fill with things but there are hard times.

I still think of going back to the music scene in the past. (T/N: I think he meant his past bands)

But right now I do what I have to.

I don't wish to talk about the future.

But I too do not want to give up that easily, even though things are hard.

Thu, October 20, 2011 16:03:13
Title: Greatful

Thanks for your encouragements.

[Move forward with courage]

I like this sentence.

I'll remember it.

And if anyone wants to watch his video about the shooting of his 1st promo pictures, it's here posted at his official YT account (^_^)b

Jul. 21st, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Affective Synergy update/review

Hello! I've decided that I'll continue to keep up with Lin's solo project through this community, even if there's not much interest~ First of all, Lin had been in American (San Diego to be exact) since May, as part of a study abroad program. He's back in Japan now, has released his first single, and is about to embark on his first solo live!


Since I recently got my copy of the single, I'll talk about that first. To start: it's pretty good! The best description I can give is a slightly more upbeat and less heavy Synside (without delving into the pop depths of REALies). The single also features the sort of ambient synth that Synside was known for—three of the five songs are instrumentals in that vein.

A first for him, Lin acted as vocalist, and, despite being nervous about it, he did a good job! His voice, though unusual (raspy but somewhat nasal), didn't come across as annoying; and, although he lacks the technique and range of an actual singer, he managed to downplay those shortcomings. Overall, he did really well, or, at the very least, decent enough to not detract from the music—and actually, I heard what I thought were hints that he might be a legitimately good vocalist with some more practice!

As I said, he was main guitarist, vocalist, composer, and lyricist, but the single also features some guest musicians. Most notably, ex-brodiaea 真央 (Mahiro) is featured as bassist! (Glad to see that guy still around.) Aside from that, drums were done by someone named 翔 (Shou) (he seems to be support for a non-vk band called G.B.L), and guest vocals were provided by someone named R (I'm not sure who they are and can't tell which song they were in...).

In terms of production and packaging, the single is fairly high quality—God knows where the money came from, but Lin had the single professionally designed and pressed. It's been said to include a photograph (1 of 5 total), but my copy didn't, so I don't know about that. It seems that he's on some label called Grows Independent Music, but I'm not sure if that's an established label or just Lin having the idea of running his own. Either way, I can't find any information about it, so we'll just have to keep an eye on that.

Finally, I'll say that, overall, the CD was worth the 1,575 yen that it cost. If you're thinking about buying it, I strongly suggest doing so! (And you can hear samples at his MySpace if you're unsure.) It's available at PureSound, closet child, and Brand X, all of which ship overseas.


Ok, on to the live information. Lin (as Affective Synergy) will hold his first solo live on 2011-07-26 at the Livqueur Records event L☆Rワンコイン 夏祭 (L☆R ONECOIN Natsumatsuri) at HOLIDAY OSAKA. He'll be singing and playing guitar, but I'm not sure if he'll have support musicians as well. At any rate, he'll be selling some goods at the show (that day only, and, unfortunately, they're not available to overseas fans):
  • Photoset (1,000 yen)
  • Poster (500 yen)
  • Cheki (500 yen)
  • First single (1,575 yen)
  • Those who spend 1,500 yen or more will receive an unspecified, limited present

Also, I should mention that he'll also appear at that live as member of 黒烏龍 (Kurouuron). Kurouuron is more or less the session band version of Leviathan—it's ex-Leviathan members playing Leviathan songs, I think, but without officially reviving that band. (That session has been active since even before Synside broke up, but there are no plans for releases or an official revival, as far as I'm aware.)


Well, I think that's everything! I have to say, the more I follow this guy, the more I like and respect him. He's a good musician and seems like a cool guy (even answering us overseas fans in English, when he can!). If you'd like to keep up with him too, I'll continue to post about his solo activities in this community, as well as at my UNDER CODE twitter, @we_love_ucp. Additionally, Lin is active at his blog and twitter.

Jun. 11th, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Affective Synergy tracklist

Lin just announced the tracklist for his solo project's first maxi-single. It seems that the release will have five songs—pretty generous for a single! The first track will be limited to initial pressings of the single only (not that there will necessarily be a second press).

Eternity Colors
01. Signal of Procession (first press only)
02. Another Sky
03. Depletion
04. Eternity Colors
05. Sleeping Forest

Interestingly, he says that Signal of Procession is a “song that everybody knows.” I wonder if it was a Synside track or something? Hmm. (Or maybe I'm just reading a bad translation, hahaha~)

Jun. 8th, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Affective Synergy release

Today Lin announced the title of the first release from Affective Synergy, his solo project: maxi-single Eternity Colors will be released on 2011-07-06. He said that more details will come soon, but he wanted to tease us with the title for now.

May. 22nd, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Affective Synergy update

Just a quick update on Lin's solo project, Affective Synergy: he's been doing live talk shows lately, and this morning he mentioned that Affective Synergy's 1st release will be on July 6th! No other details have been announced.

I really hope he'll give us foreign fans a way to buy it. I'm so excited!

May. 11th, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Lin solo project

Since Synside disbanded, Lin has been undertaking international studies in the USA. It seems that he's been enjoying his stay, and he's even purchased a new guitar! But more importantly, he's just announced his next project:

Lin will begin solo activities under the name Affective Synergy!

Affective Synergy will be somewhat informal—an exploration of things Lin couldn't do in his bands. Lin will be the central focus, but guest musicians will occasionally be featured, based on whoever wants to contribute at the time. And to that end, some tracks will be instrumental while some will feature vocals (with vocalists most likely being changed frequently).

Although he hasn't decided on the details, Lin says that he plans to release Affective Synergy's 1st single next month. He also expects to give live performances when he returns to Japan, but nothing is set in stone.


Lin has an email address, affectivesynergy.lin@gmail.com, for tickets and such, but I highly recommend shooting him a message of support if you care. I've sent one saying simply that I respect him as a musician and that I hope he'll make his future works available to foreign fans.

Apr. 1st, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ



Well, Synside is officially disbanded now, having held their last oneman live on 2011-03-31. They managed to last just over a year.

Clearly this community won't have much to post about from now on. I do plan, at some point, to post all of their lyrics, as well as some downloads, scans, etc., but that can only go on for so long. So, what I'm saying is that's all folks :D

We'll miss you Synside!

Mar. 19th, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ



Rayka announced that ディアーブロ (DIAEABRO) will be selling special goods at their March 28th appearance. The items sold include brodiaea releases (presumably old ones), an original DIAEABRO mirror, an original logo sticker, and special cheki.

Additionally, all proceeds from the sale of those items will go to help victims of the recent earthquake. Seems Synside is serious about helping them out!
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「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Earthquake postponement update

I previously posted that Synside's last live events had all been postponed due to the recent earthquake. The session party, which was originally scheduled for March 13th, has been rescheduled for March 28th. The other lives, however, seem to be un-postponed; that is, it seems that Synside's other last live events will take place as originally scheduled.

Additionally, it seems that the band has decided to donate profits from their last live events to help victims of the earthquake.

Mar. 15th, 2011

「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ


Last lives postponed

Due to the recent earthquake, all of Synside's last lives have been postponed, with make-up dates TBA. This means the following lives:

2011-03-13 Synside party @ HOLIDAY OSAKA
2011-03-29 FINAL 3DAYS -sponsored event- @ HOLIDAY OSAKA
2011-03-30 FINAL 3DAYS -sponsored event- @ ESAKA MUSE
2011-03-31 FINAL 3DAYS -last oneman- @ Shinsaibashi CLUB ALIVE


I hope they still get to hold these performances and don't end up just cancelling them altogether ;(

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